This is a blog about History and Science and whatever I happen to run across that sparks my childlike wonder about the universe at large.  It is not perfectly accurate, nothing in academics is; but it is as close to it as I can get.  Please, read through the articles with grains of salt, if something sounds irregular to you, look through the sources!  Decide for yourself if it’s a credible one or if it shouldn’t be!  Learning is not a destination, in fact, learning has no destination.  The purpose of this sort of learning is to enjoy the road and the journey.

The Hemlock Scholar is in reference to Socrates’ death by Hemlock ingestion for corrupting the minds of the young.  While my goal is not to corrupt young minds, I’d love to widen some horizons and bring about some new and interesting information.

Socrates claimed that the less you believed you knew, the more you could learn.  If you keep an open mind about all things you’ll find that you can learn more than you’d ever imagine.  I don’t mean just learning a new thing every day.  A carrot can learn a new thing every day.  I mean learning something that opens your mind up to the idea of questioning everything.  Questioning why things are the way they are, how things happened the way they did, what things evolved into and out of, and questioning why you never thought about it before.


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Lastly, if’n you have any interesting ideas about things I should research because they’re just too cool not to see (i.e. Prince Rupert’s drops or things like that) comment on a post and let me know what to look into next!

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